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Phase 1 Roadmap

Create initial land key NFTs (Systems and Planets). 20 unique systems and 5000 generated planet NFTs. Planets will have 5 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythic, and Cosmic. Planets will be available during the first mint.

Successfully connect to Stargaze testnet. Send mock transactions, build NFT library.

Successfully connect to Stargaze mainnet. Connect HU NFT library.

Begin minting on the Stargaze website. Distribute NFTs to giveaway winners!

Create official Horizons Unbound website. This initial phase will include the home page, road map, an object viewer, and much more detail on the direction of the project including the base building aspect in Phase 2.

Create connection to pull NFTs in user's wallet. Begin pulling in NFTs for each user and display on the website.

Create 3D planet viewer for each planet NFT. This will show on the inventory page as a button. The 3D view will give extended information about the planet.

Create Planetary landing functionality. Another button will be displayed on the object viewer and dashboard for 'Land'. The land button will bring up a 3D view of the planet's surface. The 3D rendered image will match the attributes of the planet NFT.

Create the ability to fire weapons within the landing feature. Create dummy enemies that can be hit and die.

Create the ability to switch to different weapons. Each weapon should have different ranges, fire rates, speeds, and visuals.

Create base enemy AI. Allow enemy movement, attacking, and pathing.

Allow ability to place towers. Towers will have the ability to fire upon enemies.

Create new game token $UNBOUND (Unboundium). This token will be distributed to planet and system (to be launched) owners automatically. While tentative, the drop rates will be per day in the following amounts:

  • Systems: 30 $UNBOUND per day
  • Planets:
    • Common: 1 per day
    • Uncommon: 1.5 per day
    • Rare: 2 per day
    • Mythic: 3 per day
    • Cosmic: 4 per day

Develop expedition system. This will allow users to spend their Unboundium by going on expeditions. The user will choose a system and then a coordinate in 3D space. The space will be 20x20x20 for each system. Coordinates already scouted will be blocked off. Rare and unique NFTs may be unlocked during expedition missions.

Release next land phase complete with systems.

Create new mission system. Mission rewards will be known prior, and the mission will require to user to fulfill various parameters. More to come!