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What Do Partner Collections Add?

If you own an NFT from one of our partners it will be incorporated into the game giving you various bonuses. The full array of bonuses are currently being developed, but by default all partner NFTs will produce passive Unboundium generation. The total generation for each project will be capped at 1,000 per day.

Using the Starty collection as an example, there are a total of 1,111 original Starty NFTs. The total generation for each Starty will be 1,000/1,111 giving each NFT approximately 0.9 Unboundium a day. These numbers are subject to change based on token economics. Partner terms may also end at any time, giving no future rewards for those NFTs.

Becoming a Parnter?

If you are interested in becoming a HU Partner, let us know in our Discord or Twitter (links in the menu).

Partners are expected to be active and in good standing with the community. HU reserves the right to revoke partner status at anytime for any reason.

Our Partners


Startys are pixel creatures born in the outer space, looking for a new home!

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Waving Cosmonauts

A collection of friendly cosmonauts waving support to your favourite guild in the cosmoverse. Which flag do you want to wave?

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The WadSquad

The WadSquad is the OG 10k PFP collection, featuring Randomly Generated Wadz summoned from the Planet Warth! Some Are Cute, Some Are Ugly; Some Are Hilarious, Others Not So Much.

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Sunnyside Reapers

Death may be the greatest of all human blessings. -Socrates

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Classified Cats

A collection of mysterious space cats that originated from the Area47 research facility.

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Civilizations: Kemet

Civilizations: Kemet is an NFT collection of how we see Ancient Egypt society through the prism of media and history, blending them. 10% of mint proceeds and 30% from royalties will go to the Community pool with a raffle for hodlers.

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Civilizations: Vikings (Women)

Civilizations: Vikings is an NFT collection of how we see Norse society through the prism of media and history, blending them. First part - Women collection. Discord: Twitter:

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Stargaze Kingdoms

A collection of animated pixel NFTs. Stargaze Kingdoms will invest profits in $STARS by securing the network, community voted NFT projects & more. Each NFT comes with benefits such as giveaways, future DAO, airdrops and raffled NFTs.

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Cutie Rawrs

Cutie Rawrz is a CC0 pixel art NFT collection of 1,600 super cute and unique Dinos roaming around on the Stargaze blockchain. RAWR!!!

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Diseases of the Body

An Educational Collection of 3011 Diseased Brains. Lets help change the World, one diseased organ at a time.

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